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    Coming out to someone is a decision only you can make and it’s a decision best made when you are ready to do so. IPCOD encourages Pagans who are ready to come on out!

    There are benefits, personally and for our religious community as a whole, as more Pagans come out. Some of these benefits include the reduction of anxiety caused by living a double life and creating a climate of greater acceptance for all Pagans.

    On our website you can find information such as:

    Our Guide to Coming Out

    What we mean when we talk about coming out

    How hosting a Ball can help achieve equity

    How to become a local IPCOD Organizer

    Towards the bottom of the Home Page are articles and personal in or out stories sent to us by Pagans detailing their experiences coming 'out' or recounting what happened that has caused them to stay 'in' for now.

Florida Pagan, Victim of Gun Violence, Calls for Pagans to Leave the Broom Closet

The following is a quote from Kyrja Withers, and out Pagan and author in Tampa Bay, Florida, who was recently the victim of gun violence when her house was fired upon this past Thursday.  She commented: if we are unwilling to get to “reveal” ourselves for the people we are – to include the spiritual … Continue reading


Out – At her Master of Divinity Senior Exit Interview

Anne Newkirk Niven My story: I came out publicly as a Pagan the day I attended my Master of Divinity Senior Exit Interview at Pacific School of Religion, in Berkeley, CA in 1986. In so doing, I risked losing my degree, as PSR was (and is) a Christian school, and a Master of Divinity is … Continue reading

Opinion: Outing oneself is not an act of privilege — it is an act of defiance

Below is an excerpt from a very thought provoking post by Ruadhan McElroy.  Please read the entire post here. First off, I want to make it quite clear that I don’t ultimately fault people who aren’t “out” about their paganness (or queerness, but that’s not what I’m discussing here) because of situations where one may be … Continue reading