Ideas For Hosting A Pagan Coming Out Day Event At Your Store Or Center Or Other Brick & Mortar Site

  • Encourage people to come to your store or center and share something about how they came out that day or anything about their process of claiming a pagan identity.
  • Print a sticker with the logo and/or the words “Pagan Coming Out Day” and hand them out for people to wear or use as they will. This is not hard to do in-house with your printer and sticky labels.
  • Offer a discount that day for participants of Pagan Coming Out Day.
  • Have a laptop at the front desk so participants can blog, check in, tweet, or facebook about their experiences and thoughts of the day!
  • Offer coffee, tea and snacks all day for participants. Or have an end of the day meet and greet.
  • Create a visual display in your window, on your bulletin board, or on table display.
  • Have a digital camera handy and see who wants their picture posted on your website in a special Pagan Coming Out Day gallery.
  • Have a Pagan Coming Out Day poetry and/or short prose contest with a reading of the top three at your center or store. You can give a small prize and post it on your website.

These ideas courtesy of Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Stores Hosting a Pagan Coming Out Day Event

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