Opinion: Outing oneself is not an act of privilege — it is an act of defiance

Below is an excerpt from a very thought provoking post by Ruadhan McElroy.  Please read the entire post here. First off, I want to make it quite clear that I don’t ultimately fault people who aren’t “out” about their paganness (or queerness, but that’s not what I’m discussing here) because of situations where one may be … Continue reading

Canadian Affirms Oath of Citizenship on Pagan ‘Holy Book’

via Pagan+politics There is no act more political in nature than making an oath of citizenship to a nation. On Tuesday, Melissa Gold, a Pagan living in Canada did just that.   Like many new Canadian citizens, she did so with her hand resting on a book containing stories, poems, and hymns sacred to her … Continue reading

Coming Out of the Broom Closet…Again!

Dear Witchful Thinking, I recently discovered that somehow Ive ended up back in the Broom closet. While a few very important people who know me, know I’m Pagan, I realized many of the people in my life do not. This was brought to my attention when a friend… who knows and accepts me (and whom … Continue reading