While the act of coming out is usually a very private and individual occurrence, there is also a public aspect to Pagan Coming Out Day.  Communities can celebrate with those who have taken a step toward a more public emergence of their Pagan identity or can perform Rituals designed to strengthen and support those preparing to come out in some way.  Below is a list of celebrations and rituals organized by country and state.

Coming Out Balls and other Celebrations
This refers back to the original meaning of ‘coming out’ – a Ball or party to celebrate a debutante entering into society in their new statues.  It was a rite of passage.  When Pagans come out, they too are entering into society under a new status.   So why not throw a party to celebrate?  The parties can be as formal or informal as you wish.  Best ceremonial robes, gowns, fancy cocktails or potluck, jeans, and bottles of mead (or non-alcoholic drinks).  Host them on Monday, May 2nd or during the weekend.  You can tie it into  Beltane or Flower Festival plans that may already be in the works.  If you or your community is planning to host a Coming Out Ball or other celebration, please contact us and we will list it below.


Open Ritual and Open Circles
Many Pagans preparing to come out would greatly appreciate their religious community praying for them, asking the Divine to assist them and guide them, or sending positive energy their way.  You could do a special ritual just for this purpose or you could incorporate it into a Public Ritual or Open Circle you have already planned. If you or your community is planning a Public Ritual or Open Circle for Pagan Coming Out Day, please contact us and we will list it below.

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