Out – Katie told friends and family on FB

“Today is an important day for me. I’m officially coming out as Pagan. After much soul searching, researching, reading, & deep meditation, I realized not only was my Christian upbringing unfitting for me, but this is what does fit for me. I have been so much happier & spiritually fulfilled since I became true to myself.” This was the carefully written coming out facebook status I wrote. As soon as I hit the Post button my heart started racing.

Out – Star Foster: Complexities of being more openly Pagan

Coming out is complex and ongoing. Coming out to my family and friends wasn’t very traumatic. There’s no real story there. Yet now that I am more publicly Pagan than I have ever been before I feel the stresses and strains of being out more keenly. I assume people won’t understand and so I give … Continue reading

Out – Child’s Teachers

I live in a small town. A small town with A LOT of churches of various denominations. I’ve never had any problems here but then I was a housewife and didn’t need to deal with the outside world except upon my own terms. Now I’m the mother of a pre-schooler. When I signed my son … Continue reading