Become an Organizer

You can help make Pagan Coming Out Day a success!

Would you like to organize an event or ritual in your town for Pagan Coming Out Day?
Are you interesting in helping get the word out about Pagan Coming Out Day?
Would you agree to speak about IPCOD  at events like Pagan Pride and Pagan festivals and conferences?
Do you have other ideas for making this a success?

If you said yes to any of these questions (or all of them) please contact us.  This is an all-volunteer grass-roots effort to achieve greater acceptance and equity for Pagans at home, at work, and in every community and we need people at the local level to be part of IPCOD.

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  1. […] IPCOD site has listed ways in which individuals can participate, or if you’d like to become an IPCOD organizer. In addition to Schulz, the IPCOD executive committee is comprised of CUUPS Board Member Emeritus […]

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