Out – Child’s Teachers

I live in a small town. A small town with A LOT of churches of various denominations. I’ve never had any problems here but then I was a housewife and didn’t need to deal with the outside world except upon my own terms. Now I’m the mother of a pre-schooler. When I signed my son … Continue reading

Out – Keeping it casual

The way that I came out as a Pagan did not involve choosing a particular time, place, persons, or persons. As strange it sounds, it never occurred to me to keep it secret. In 1991, I discovered that the ideas and values described in the book Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler applied to … Continue reading

Out – Police Station

The first time I came out to anyone besides my husband, son, and a few very close friends happened in a police station in Austin, Minnesota. I was on a yahoo list for area Pagans and one of the new persons posting was raising every red flag there was when it came to pedophile.  Although … Continue reading