Out – Child’s Teachers

I live in a small town. A small town with A LOT of churches of various denominations. I’ve never had any problems here but then I was a housewife and didn’t need to deal with the outside world except upon my own terms. Now I’m the mother of a pre-schooler. When I signed my son up for pre-school, I was told that wanted to do a home visit. We were furious. Why did they want to come to do that? Where they checking if it was clean enough or what? What does it matter to them since we’re having to pay tuition for him to attend.

What’s that you say? Oh. OK. That’s fine then. Makes sense. They want to meet the child in an environment where he is comfortable. Silly us. But wait. I have a Hermes altar next to my front door. The stair room has an altar to Hekate and my desk has an altar to Zeus upon it. Then there is the main altar across from the dining room table. Crap. What are they going to say about that? I’m going to have some bible thumping, staid, frumpy lady looking down her nose at me over her metal rim glasses who is going to seriously think about reporting us to child services for being abusive or delusional or something.

So nervously I awaited the day and time of the arrival of my son’s teacher. The only time they had available was during the day so Hubby wouldn’t be able to be there. Damn. So I did what any housewife would do when she is nervous, I cleaned my house from top to bottom in hopes that cleanliness would at least be a factor in our favor. I made sure that I was showered and that both my son and I were wearing clean clothes. The doorbell rings and I answer the door trying not to look surprised. Standing there are two people, a man and a woman, who look nothing like I imagined. They introduce themselves as my son’s teachers. Oh. He gets two. Both are in jeans and casual shirts. The woman has a short almost punk haircut with tattoos on her arms and a tongue piercing. The man looks a bit geeky yet normal enough. From here I don’t remember a lot of what they asked or said because I was just waiting for them to ask for a tour of the house where QUESTIONS would be asked. But. That never happened. So I started to relax. See nothing to worry about.

Then the woman caught me off balance. She asked me what holidays we celebrated. Uh oh. To be fair, I never once thought about lying. I try to be very upfront and honest about our spiritual beliefs as I can think of no other way to prove that Pagans are normal people. So I told her that we were Pagan and celebrated Solstices and the Equinoxes. Beyond that I don’t know what else I said. I kept it very generic. While I felt like they were surprised, they did not say or do anything out of line. The woman told me that they celebrate the non-spiritual aspects of holidays and gave a few examples. Again I really don’t remember exactly what she said because I was just relieved that something nasty wasn’t said. I did say that as long as the nativity or the crucifixion wasn’t part of the celebration then I had no problem with that. I was assured that it wasn’t the case. That is the extent of my memory of that home visit.

When I told my husband when he got home from work that day about what our son’s teacher’s looked like, he seemed as surprised as I was. When I mentioned how they asked about holidays, he laughed at me because he knew I had been worrying. Told you so. Told you it would be just fine.

We are a little half way through the school year and my son nor I have experienced any issues with our religious preference. It has never been mentioned, even in an oblique fashion. Not even once. My hopes are that this is the way his whole school career shall go. That his spiritual beliefs shall always be a non-issue and rightly so.

Melia Suez – http://4ofwands.wordpress.com/

5 Responses to “Out – Child’s Teachers”
  1. RevAllyson says:

    Woot! This sounds lovely! And it’s how it should be. I have to admit, when hunting season came around I was wondering if any of the hunters were going to say things about the numerous shrines in the woods where only hunting stands used to be, but no one said a thing. 🙂 Life is good!

  2. Honey_Thistle says:

    Wow… What a wonderfully positive experience! *Cheers*

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