Coming Out of the Broom Closet…Again!

Dear Witchful Thinking,

I recently discovered that somehow Ive ended up back in the Broom closet. While a few very important people who know me, know I’m Pagan, I realized many of the people in my life do not. This was brought to my attention when a friend… who knows and accepts me (and whom I believe might be practicing herself), said something in passing on my social media page. Thankfully no one I knew over reacted. However it did make me realize how few people know now. I’m confused, because I used to be open and I’m not really sure how this happened. I want to break it to my roommates, having discovered they don’t know. Two are agnostic one however is a very serious Catholic.


Broom Closet Mishap

Dear Broom Closet,

Ohh! My little Pagan is growing up! I know it sounds so pithy, but it’s true! Psychologists use a variety of Racial Identity Development models to describe the stages someone goes through with regard to their race. They are general descriptions of a person as they develop identity in relationship with the new and old group, and not everyone goes through all the stages. While Helms Racial Identity Model doesn’t quite work precisely as one would like, you can apply this model to the joining of any social group which relates to identity, particularly LGBTQ identity and, I believe, Pagan religious identity. So, here’s my modification of it:

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